New Construction Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona

Are you having a hard time finding a home that meets all of your criteria? New construction homes in Scottsdale, AZ are available! I can help you find a great location that’s aligned with your budget and specific needs.

Buying new construction homes is quite a bit different than buying existing homes. It is exciting to pick out all of your light fixtures, tile, appliances, and of course, if it is a total custom home, you can even design your floor plan!

You may find a new construction home listed that is partially built, and you’ll still have the opportunity to make some of your own choices. Or, if you can’t find anything you particularly like, you can always hire an architect to design a home that best fits precisely what you’re looking for.

If your plan is a total custom home, the lot (land) is the most important thing on your list in the beginning. Areas for new construction in Scottsdale, AZ can vary quite a bit. 

In the North and East areas of Scottsdale, you will find more land to pick from, but scattered lots throughout the more central to south neighborhoods do exist. Finding a great agent to set you up on a lot search is key.

If you’ve decided that a new construction home in Scottsdale, AZ is the way you want to go, let your agent know this right away and make sure they are with you on the VERY FIRST viewing of the new home models at the builder’s site. 

The reason for this is that an agent can not represent you if this step is not made.

It is very important for you to have representation during a new home build process. One reason alone is the negotiation process. Builders offer incentive packages, and a seasoned agent knows this and will help you negotiate them in. The next reason is to ensure that you are represented through the building process. It does not just stop after you sign a contract, and your home is picked out.

I personally go out to the building site and am there every step of the way, making sure that any changes you may have added are being implemented. 

I have quite a bit of experience with the new home build process, having worked for a builder in the past and also building three new homes in my career.

New homes near Scottsdale are a less expensive way to go if you desire the new build features but can’t quite afford the Scottsdale prices. 

Examples of areas of new homes near Scottsdale would be Peoria, Buckeye, Surprise in the west valley, Maricopa and Chandler if you want to head a bit south, and Queen Creek, San Tan Valley if you want to head East.

If you’re interested in new builds, give me a call, and we can chat about the process and the different areas. You want someone with experience, and I have it!