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How important is a home valuation in Scottsdale, AZ? As a seasoned agent, whether selling or listing a home, I will do a Scottsdale, AZ property valuation. This important step is done so that as a buyer, you are not paying too much for a property, and as a seller, you are getting what your property is worth!

I am a member of our MLS (Multiple Listing System), which gives me access to all data of homes that have sold. I can see details of all properties and the prices that they have sold for. For a true home valuation in Scottsdale, AZ, I will go back six months and look at homes that have sold either in the same neighborhood or within a mile or two from the home.

I determine if they are updated to the point of the home that I am valuing. For example, is the home located on a busy street or next to a park? Does it have any major updates, or is it in its original state? Is there a new roof or a new air conditioning system? Is there a private pool, and is the lot size either larger or smaller than the average lot? All of these factors go into determining the price and the value of a home.

Why is this Scottsdale, AZ property valuation important? When you either purchase or sell a home and financing is involved, a home appraiser will be hired. He or she will also determine the value of the home, and their price can make or break a sale. They also look at homes in the MLS and make the same above comparisons.

As the listing agent, I provide the comps that I used to determine the price of the home. This is important, because the home appraiser may not have looked at the same previous sales that I have used. I also point out the benefits of your home’s specific location that they might not have factored in, and I provide a list of updates that you have done to your home.

Essentially, I provide the home appraiser with all of the information that I researched, gathered, and compared for you to ensure that you receive a fair valuation of the home you are looking to buy or sell.