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Retirees Downsize To Luxury

Downsizing to Luxury can be stressful… but it doesn’t have to be! I will work hard on your behalf to find the perfect luxury retirement communities in Scottsdale for you, negotiate a great price, and ensure a smooth closing experience. I can even help you sell or downsize your current home for retirement in the process!

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Retirement in Scottsdale

One of my favorite subjects to talk about is retirement communities in Scottsdale, AZ, and downsizing your home for retirement in Scottsdale!

I am originally from Minnesota, so I 100% get the desire to retire and move to, or at least have, a winter home in Scottsdale! I get so many questions on this subject, and most often, I get asked, “Pam, what are the best retirement communities?” and “Are there luxury retirement communities?”

To start, yes, there are luxury retirement communities! And before we jump into discussing the best retirement communities, let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that you’re retired (or soon-to-be) and moving at least part of your life to Arizona! Congratulations!

When clients ask me about the different communities, I ask them to describe what they are looking for so that I can tailor a home search that’s specific to their needs.

Depending on the description of what you are looking for, I may suggest a different area other than Scottsdale. The entire valley has great areas to live, and I want to ensure that you feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy the community you land in.

Are you looking for a guard gated golf community with a community pool, a community gym, a restaurant on-site, and other activities to do? We have them! Are you looking for age 55 and up only communities? We have those, too.

Would you like to cruise around on your golf cart, hang out with other retired friends, and attend happy hours? We can find you a community where this is all a part of your day-to-day life.

And don’t forget about the grandchildren coming to visit, because they definitely will! Do you want to be near some activities for them as well? Let’s find the best community for you so that you can make the most of your retirement years!

I would love to sit down and have a conversation with you about your needs and desires so that I can help find the best community for you. We will cover all of the bases in terms of what you like to do, what you need in a home, and what neighborhood best compliments your lifestyle.

Let’s get you onboard with downsizing your home for retirement in Scottsdale and finding you the perfect retirement community!