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Pam & Team

Pam Torgrimson

My love for Real Estate started when I was a child. My father was a very successful realtor and started one of the most successful Real Estate firms in my home town of Rochester, Minnesota.

Driving around in the car, he would ask, “How much do you think that one would sell for?” A 10-year old that could nail about 75% of home prices is not too bad! He tried to get me to love golf also, but that didn’t quite work! Especially after the embarrassment of crashing a golf cart into another cart… OOPS!

Why do we remember all of the horrible experiences in our life? I would like to forget that one.

Years later, I would help with renovating homes. I was OBSESSED with ripping a house apart and putting it back together! I couldn’t get enough, and I was right there doing the hard labor with all of my contractors. Only two trips to the ER came from all of that! Me, keep a cast on my wrist? Heck no, cut this off. I have tiling to do!

But there was one more thing that was a dream of mine, which was opening a successful salon. And I did just that! Not just one, but two! Twenty-eight years of doing hair and twenty-two years of ownership. I loved it!

Then, it was time to add real estate into my life. How hard could that be, right? WRONG! This job is not for the person that can not take “no” for an answer. I learned that fast! 

Starting a real estate career in 2008 was probably one of the worst times to start, but I would not change one thing! I crawled my way up, I asked questions, and THEN, I asked more questions! Luckily, I had great support in every office I worked at! And now, if someone says no, I just smile and figure out how to turn that into a yes!

For seven years, I somehow managed to hold down two full-time jobs, but winters in Minnesota had become unbearable for this girl. I already had a “getaway” home in Arizona for the past 15 years, where I would spend the month of April and the week of Thanksgiving in the sun.

I decided that it was time to make that permanent and make the BIG MOVE. So, here I am living in Scottsdale, AZ, where I wake up every day, look at the mountains, and smile in gratitude that I get to call this beautiful place home.

License Number: BR662242000

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Brooklyn's Story

Hi, I’m Brooklyn! 

No I’m not from New York….but  Instead, I’m from Burlington, Colorado. A small farm town where I grew up watching our family’s wheat and corn fields grow, and absorbing small town values like being honest, helping others, and appreciating the simple things life can bring. All these values are still with me, every day, as I help clients find their perfect home!

My Story

I moved to Scottsdale in 1999 and made it my home. You can’t beat waking up to sunshine everyday! I live with my fiance and our dog Sadie, who is the star of the show! Well our show anyway. 

My career has been centered in Scottsdale since I arrived, first working as a bank teller and then advancing in the mortgage industry over the years; underwriting loans, assisting a loan officer, and later managing marketing and sales for a title company. For nine years, I  ventured into my health wellness passion: teaching yoga to hundreds of dedicated students as a way to stay fit and try to keep a balanced life.  

My fiance and I recently bought at the newly developing  Ritz-Carlton Resort in Scottsdale. We are very excited to embark on experiencing all of the luxuries it offers. 

Life is good, being of service to my clients, waking up every day to sunshine, engaging with a large network of nearby friends, family, and colleagues. 

I believe life is what we make it.  I enjoy helping clients discover and make the life they dream about… in a home that checks every item on their “must have” list (and on their “wish” list, too). 

Life is about relationships. Having a strong connection with my clients makes real estate fun for them (and me), and it sure makes the process worthwhile. I never want to sell a house and then lose touch. That’s not how my small-town values work. 

When we’re friends, my clients have me for life!

License Number: SA690847000

Anthony's Story

I have seen the Valley of the Sun grow exponentially since the early 80’s and had no idea that the desert I used to build forts and play army in as a kid would turn into countless dwellings where many families would soon call home and make a lifetime full of memories.  

Fast forwarding; after graduating from Arizona State University and moving to Nashville, I was employed for nearly two decades as a country music agent, working alongside the biggest names in the business.  Over time, my desires focused on finding a path back home to be closer to my family. I realized my sales experience could be translated to real estate instead of concerts, which led me to Pam Torgrimson and her wonderful She Sells Scottsdale Team.   

I am here to serve you as your dedicated real estate agent. Supplying rapid response and attention to detail is extremely important to me and I take my fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. I will take pride in fully understanding your desires and work closely in developing a strategy to achieve success!   – Anthony Wozniak

License Number: SA681721000